Scheme of the Museum

At the present time the museum display inculdes representative specimens of all sorts of gemstone raw materials, decorative facing stones, ore and non-metallic minerals, fossils, stone art objects, faceted inserts of jewel and ornamental stones.

All the display is divided into 5 show rooms and a gallery. In the first room there is an  exposition of highly decorative natural hand specimens of ore and non-metallic minerlas, inimitable specimens of gemstone raw materials (jewel and ornamental stones) from the deposites of all regions of Russia and former USSR republic. The gallery display gets the visitors acquainted with conditions of minerals formation and genetic types of deposits. In the next two rooms there are imposing collections of stone masterpieces, polilitical sculptures of authorship (including works of Konovaleno V.V.), mosaics and collection of faceted jewel and ornamental stones. In two displays there are achievments of Russian scientists in the area of gemsrone synthesis. In the rooms downstairs there's an exposition of facing and decorative stones. In the paleontological room the following collections are demonstrated: the remnants of anicent animal bodies, modern oceans fauna and collection of impact rocks of the unique Popigai astro problem.

Room 1 “Natural resources of mineralogical raw materials”
“Genetic mineral collection” gallery

Room 2 “Jewel and ornamental stones and artworks”

Room 3 “Jewel stones, mosaic and gemstones sculpture”, “Synthetic gems”

Room 4 “Decorative and facing stones”.

Room 5 “Paleontological collection”, "Popigai astro problem”

Room 6 "Geological group classroom."

Room7 "Museum shop."

Room 8 "Gemmological room."