The State “Samotsvety” (Gems) museum is one of the brightest and most interesting mineralogical museums of Russia. It is famous for its imposing collection of jewel, ornamental and facing stones, ore minerals, paleontological findings, faceted gems and various art objects. State “Samotsvety” museum is a departmental museum of Federal Subsurface Management Agency of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation.
The museum funds are scientifically arranged by regions and groups of minerals, they contain the primary geological information and can be used to study mineralogy, gemology, mineral resources and qualitative characteristics of ornamental stone and collection material. They can also be used for creating expositions, exhibitions, scientific work and publications. The museum display provides a glimpse of variety and width of Russian Federation natural resources geography.

At the present time collection funds of the museum numbers more than 12500 specimens, among them one can find mineral rocks, fossils from more than 400 deposits – from Russia and other countries. Also there exhibited meteorites, gem stones and works of art, made of gems. Many showpieces are unique. The museum funds are constantly supplemented by new objects, expositions are updated.

The museum funds of the Federal State Body “Samotsvety" (Gems) museum is a part of museum funds of Russian Federation. It is a collection of objects of natural geological history, material and spiritual culture of high scientific, historical and artistic importance.
The museum collection consists of the objects of basic fund, scientific auxiliary funds,
rotating pool and raw materials funds.
The departments of basic fund are:
       1. Minerals and ornamental stones, meteorites;
       2. Jobs of arts, made of natural stones, fossils, faceted inserts of precious and semi-precious stones;
      3. Paleontological specimens (fauna and flora);
      4. Decorative and facing stones.

Museum can be proud of its unique collection of big gemstone specimens and imposing collection of polilitic gemstones statues by famous artist V.V. Konovalenko and modern works of art, created by Moscow and Ural artists. The museum takes part in exhibitions in Russia and abroad, carries on educating and scientific work and maintain contacts with the leading museums of Russia. Museum offers Interesting thematic excursions. Also the geological hobby goup for senior school-children is organized in the museum. In working days it is possible to visit the souvenir stand, where one can buy collection minerals and stone handworks. The working hours of museum: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday — from 11 a.m. till 17 p.m, Saturday — from 11 a.m. till 16.p.m.